Ex Heating Plates

Ex and industrial applications are converging more and more with the advent of the DSEAR at work act (Dangerous Substances & Explosive Atmospheres Regulations)

Also it is a legal requirement for every employer and site in the EU, having to meet the minimum requirements of the health and safety executive.

So it follows that looking after your safety critical apparatus and instruments becomes ever more important, not just for the health and safety of each and every one of us but also the cost implications of down time to replace damaged equipment which could be averted by adding in components to mitigate damage caused by inclement weather or working conditions.

Cold and/or condensation can cause havoc with apparatus in enclosures no matter how well they are constructed so indEx are now able to offer an exclusive range of EX heaters and industrial trace heating components for use with our enclosure ranges and your pipelines.

The heating plates are available with 4 different power (heat) outputs depending on the size of enclosure used, ambient conditions and the actual and heat required to maintain the internal conditions of safe use.

Quintherm IH2

A new generation of energy efficient heating plates, the “Quintherm IH2” allows constant heat distribution over the whole surface of the enclosure. As the plate can be combined with an Ex e mini-thermostat ( IRM2Ex )and installed in our Exe enclosures, this then becomes self limiting – so if the ambient decreases the heater will increase output and vice versa if ambient increases. As the plate is adaptable to most heating applications in a hazardous area, we can modify to suit your exact needs and customise a solution without the need for a limiter.

Type IH2 50 2 200 IH2 65  2 200 IH2 130 2 200 IH2 500 2 200
Power output 30 W at 5°C
(50 at – 40°C)
65 W at 5°C 130 W at 5°C 500 W at 5°C
Voltage 230 V 230 V 230 V 230 V
(L x W x D)
230 x 66 x 40 225 x 82 x 69 280 x 200 x 40 630 x 300 x 40
Mounting orientation any any any any
Approval Ex II 2 G Ex mb IIC T4 Ex II 2 G Ex mb IIC T4 Ex II 2 G Ex mb IIC T4 Ex II 2 G Ex mb IIC T4
Weight 1,2 kg 2,5 kg 3,5 kg 15 kg
Power cable 2 m 3 x 1,5mm² Radox (adaptable) 2 m 3 x 1,5mm² Radox (adaptable) 2 m 3 x 1,5mm² Radox (adaptable) 2 m 3 x 1,5mm² Radox (adaptable)

For more information and Full data sheets of these heating plates please contact our sales team