Local Control Operators

indEx is pleased to be able to announce that customers can now source local control operators from our stock.

These can be procured as replacements for existing items or for use in Zone 2/22 panels where the customer is producing their own manufacturer’s declaration of conformity.

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Functions available:

  • Pushbutton
  • Double pushbutton
  • Emergency stop pushbutton
  • Mushroom head pushbutton
  • Selector switch small (2 pole/4 pole)
  • Selector switch large (2 pole/4 pole)
  • Emergency stop pushbutton with key
  • Key operated pushbutton
  • Signal lamp
  • Illuminated pushbutton
  • Potentiometer
  • Ammeter
  • Voltmeter

Please refer to datasheet for more detail.

The standard diameter of the actuator of the local control units are manufactured at Ø30mm and require a wall thickness between 1mm-6mm.

The components for base mounting are mounted on either DIN rail TS35 or may be secured by bolts/screws directly on a mounting plate.

The components for lid assembly are mounted in the entry provided with an easy- to-use clamp. The electrical contact is made with screw terminals for cables up to 2.5 mm².

For use in hazardous areas, the components must be mounted in an Ex approved enclosure.

The different types of buttons and switching elements, as well as all lighting elements can be combined. Here, the predetermined distance from each other and the maximum load of the enclosure must be adhered to.

The signal elements (indicators and illuminated pushbuttons) and pushbuttons are available in 5 colours.

Everything needed for mounting accessories, and various label plates, which are labelled on request, completes the entire product portfolio.

Local Control Operators Datasheet

Index Local Control Operators Datasheet