HMI Screens, Window Enclosures & Fabrications

At indEx we take every opportunity to innovate and embrace new technology and our state of the art facility in the UK allows us to adapt to the rapidly changing needs of our customers.

Take for example the huge strides that Human Machine Interface (HMI) has developed over the last few years. It would have been unthinkable to place these delicate instruments in an outside environment, never mind a hazardous area. However as you have come to expect from indEx we have come up with a fabrication enclosure solution that is not only cost effective but also robust and durable for the harshest of conditions. Of course these are also customisable with rapid delivery so let us have your design and we will do the rest.

Index custom-size-atex-enclosure

Our largest component approved enclosure is now 2000mmx1200mmx800mm and can come with or without cut outs for instrument displays. View Case Study


We build the enclosure to your exact footprint requirements including the instrument/component cut-outs. We also design our own door stays as illustrated here. If you wish we can fit free issue components or send you a pre drilled back plate for you to complete your apparatus board as we finish off your custom built enclosures.


indEx can supply and fix the label matrix to your design.

indEx HMI controller interface panel for driller cabinet with control points

One of our more challenging projects, driven by our customer’s urgent design footprint parameters, we were asked to manufacture an enclosure that could house two HMI screens with controls at the base giving the appearance of a “Boot” in side view.

Built to withstand the harsh environments of the North Sea and for use on a drilling platform, it is just another example of a project for an indEx customer that came in on time, on budget and to their exact requirements.

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Index hmi-screen-driller-cabinet

Driller operators control cabinet with protective over screen

One of our most prestigious and regular clients often have odd and rare applications which are job specific and are often required at very short notice for north sea off shore drilling operations.

In this instance we were asked to provide a simple iTB enclosure with lid cut outs for drill operation switches and instruments but this time with an external clear screen protecting the external components from the excesses of drilling mud; which can be highly toxic and corrosive. As usual this enclosure application was completed on time, on budget and to the great satisfaction of our client and their end user

Index matrix-screen-hinge-cover01
Index matrix-screen-hinge-cover02

Control Desk interface with protective hinged weather cover

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HMI Control Panel with Pedestal

Designed exclusively for the paper industry, both the panel and pedestal are custom designed and manufactured from 3mm & 6mm thick stainless steel respectively, thus allowing the unit to withstand the full rigours and harsh environment of the factory floor.

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Index hmi-control-panel-pedestal-2
Index hmi-control-panel-pedestal-1

Stainless steel zone 2 window enclosure to house a limit switch

Our customer came to us for help in producing an enclosure to house an arcing and sparking component in a zone 2 area.

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Unique and bespoke designs for HMI applications