Zone 2,22 Custom Built Control Stations and Emergency Stop Enclosures

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Many of our long term partners and customers have approached us to manufacture zone 2, 22 enclosures for use as emergency start/stop or control stations. These are a few examples we have manufactured at exceptionally short lead times and costs significantly lower than they currently have to absorb.


One of our long term partners had a requirement for four enclosures to house control components for an offshore installation.

As with any control station each will be unique in some aspect. Our partners particular client had very specific design parameters which their other suppliers were unable to achieve.

As usual our enclosures had to protect against the most onerous of offshore conditions.


Any component that must fit externally on a hazardous area enclosure MUST be certified in its own right. Generally speaking it will be an Ex de switch/ button/ lamp etc and each will have its own unique drilling pattern and flame path which must not be tampered with. At indEx we utilise the latest production software which dramatically cuts the time taken to design the lids for control station enclosures. As the manufacturer we can then self-certify the apparatus which our partner integrated, wired and tested for use in zone 2,22 within a fraction of the time and cost it currently takes.

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Another of our long term partners had an urgent requirement for a terminal box and this control station. Their client is a prestigious UK production/refinery facility and had to complete all works within a given shut down period.


Working with our partner, indEx designed and built the enclosure housing complete with lid cut outs, labels and gland entries within a couple of days. Our partner, one of the largest electrical wholesalers in the world, was able to take the enclosure and fit out their own components and wire within a 48 hour period. The enclosure was then tested, inspected and passed for site within the space of a week.


Provide an emergency stop/start and cut off solution for an off shore skid installation The client manufacturers skids for the O&G industry and they had limited space. Existing cable made it too awkward for a single larger enclosure, which was offered by other manufactures/assemblers due to their limited range of standard enclosures. Also the fixing area was obscured by other metal work. As so often happens there was a strict time period for works completion and financial penalties would be enforced


Using our custom design software we were able to optimize the exact size the client had to work with and within the space of two very small enclosures. So the cable went in easily and the space allowed for both enclosures to fit on the same bulk head but more importantly, on the same skid. This saved our client many thousands of pounds in redesign, man hours and off shore installation.

You can find out more details about our control stations on our solutions page or contact our sales line and book an appointment with our sales team.

N.B. indEx can also offer a wiring service for control stations. UK only at present. Please speak to our sales team for more information.

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