Passive Cooling Cabinet for Safety Critical System for Leading North Sea and Global Operator


Supply a large double door panel enclosure to house two smaller panels complete with safety critical apparatus. The large panel must allow the passive cooling of the internal system without compromising IP integrity.


  • The enclosures specified were cost and time sensitive as well as having to fit a pre-determined footprint.
  • The apparatus inside the internal enclosure could potentially become hot in normal operation and hence a unique passive cooling design was required
  • Flameproof enclosures (Ex d) were considered far too expensive, over engineered, cumbersome, heavy and unsuitable.
  • The completed system needed to be ready for a pre allotted test and performance trial already pre -arranged by the client.
  • The complete system needed to be assembled on site by no more than two persons.


  • indEx were able to design, manufacture and ship within the allotted time frame. Ingress and performance tests were carried out and passed with out incident.
  • indEx specialise in difficult and time consuming panel designs using the most up to date software design tools available thus dramatically cutting down on cost, time and delivery.

Project Details

Skills Needed: