Leading Cathodic Protection Company, UK/US


Supply zone 2 enclosures to house non sparking equipment, framework and cable tray.


  • The enclosures were cost and time sensitive.
  • Flameproof enclosures (Ex d) were considered far too expensive, over engineered, cumbersome, heavy and unsuitable.
  • The enclosure needed to house resistors and shunts in a zone 2 area.
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Cathdodic protection is fundamental to safe and efficient pipeline function


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  • indEx were able to build to the exact custom specification – including manufacturing the framework and cable tray all in 316L stainless steel and painted.
  • indEx personal have a wealth of experience and knowledge in providing bespoke solutions using Ex e (increased safety) junction enclosures and panels.
  • For zone 2 indEx proposed the use of the zone 2 the non-sparking (Ex nA) protection concept.