iCE – indEx Cabinet Enclosure with HMI Screen for use on Turbo Compressor

Requirement: Our customer required a heavy duty construction made to ATEX standards but not certified. The construction was to house control and switch gear and include an HMI screen and had to fit a pre-determined mounting position at the rear of the compressor.


Working closely with the component integrator, indEx designed to the exact end user requirements. It was built in four sections to be joined together once on the compressor for ease of wiring, shipping and final installation. As the material was of the highest grade 2mm thick, 316l stainless steel, indEx engineers were required to hand TIG weld all the seams thus ensuring all sides were upright and the tops and bases dead level. The TIG welding method is a major feature of all indEx enclosures offering speed & accuracy but with no weld spotting, burn or scorch marks inside or outside. We then use a TIG brush to passivate all welds which ensures optimum corrosion protection on the exterior but also the interior as well and this forms as part of our cleaning process for every enclosure.

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Project Details

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