iTB and iSTB Enclosure Design Improvement


indEx iTB and iSTB enclosures have been successfully installed in countless installations worldwide and we are extremely proud of this fact.

We always value feedback and as a consequence have re-engineered the closing mechanism for both of these product families.

Currently, the bolts in the lid screw into female pillar studs welded onto the shoulder of the box body (circled on photo above). This can be an awkward task as the lead in to the pillar stud is small and once the door/lid has been located onto the box body, the bolt is hidden from view.

At indEx we have considered this ‘problem’ and as a result an alternative concept has been engineered. The female pillar studs are now replaced by closed end rivetnuts (circled on photo above) – the same units used for the mounting lug and gland plate fixings – and the closing bolt has been extended and provided with a more positive retaining spacer. The rivetnut has a larger lead in making it easier to locate, and the bolt is now visible from the side of the box when closing – no more struggling to engage the bolt thereby making the process quicker and more reliable.

The design has been included within our ATEX/IECEx certification.

This alternative design will be implemented for all new orders received after the 31st of March 2017. However, if you have an absolute need to continue purchasing the current design, we ask that you do please ensure that you let us know at the enquiry stage. The current product family ‘names’ will now become iTBO and iSTBO. Please note that there is no pricing implications as a consequence of this change.

We hope that, like us, you find this to be a significant improvement to our products.